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Pullman Selection

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Please be indulged by the exciting flavours of our taylor made bonbon selection.

Black cherry bonbon

In the Hungarian village of Szomolya, centuries-old black cherry cultivation gives us a reddish, juicy fruit, featured in our bonbon paired with silky vanilla white chocolate.

Ingredients: white chocolate, cream, black cherry puree

Possible allergens: soy lecithin, milk powder, cream

Tokaji aszú – marzipan bonbon

This bonbon is crafted with Tokaji Aszú, Hungary’s famous dessert wine. Using a technique from 1570, raisins are soaked in the wine and blended with Lübeck marzipan. The sweet cream perfectly complements the rich, bitter dark chocolate.

Ingredients: Lubeck marzipan, Tokaji Aszú, golden raisins

Possible allergens: soy lecithin, marzipan

Apple pie bonbon

Inspired by our cherished childhood memory of enjoying warm apple pie from our grandmother’s garden, this bonbon captures the essence of the traditional Hungarian dessert. Fruity, cinnamon, and buttery flavors blend with pieces of dried apple in a creamy filling, all encased in sweet, melting milk chocolate shells.

Ingredients: milk chocolate, white chocolate, cream, apple pie dough, dried apples

Possible allergens: soy lecithin, milk powder, cream, egg

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